Corey Grooms is a Sports Sociologist, life-long Educator, Writer, and Basketball Historian with a background in Sociology. The majority of his professional experience has been counseling, mentoring, and teaching life-skills through the combination of education and basketball. He has taught and coached at various levels which includes but is not limited to elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and basketball instructional camps. His desire is to help inner-city children achieve their dreams despite the odds that are against them.


Sharia Marcus-Carter has coached at various levels of basketball which includes college and the Amateur Athletic Union circuit. She has also worked extensively in the development of young players through an enormous amount of experience at basketball camps and skill development clinics around the world. Her passion is fueled by inspiring student-athletes to learn the different facets of the Sports Management Business as it relates to their life off of the court.


Rob Maylor is the closest you can get to the truth in sports radio. He is straight out of New York City, Brooklyn's Finest, and is affectionately known as the "The Truth". With his vibrant personality and hardcore persona, you can feel the passion in his voice for the love of sports. He is a sports mastermind that loves to argue his clever point of view about "all sports". His love of sports began in his early childhood as he excelled in all sports but especially in track and field. His coaching experience is in football and basketball at the youth development level.